Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And I didn't kill any of them. Not even one.

Today, I saw seven patients in less time than it used to take me to see two. And, unlike last year at this time, when I got done with the patients, I actually knew what the hell was wrong with them. (For the most part.) When I walked out of the seventh patient's room, I caught myself humming Eye of the Tiger. I resisted the urge to do this, though. That would have looked ridiculous in the middle of the 5th floor hallway. (Trust me. I played the scene in my head. It looked ridiculous.)

I'm celebrating my victory by watching unbelievably terrible television. I'm classing it up a bit by drinking tea while I watch. You should try it. Next time you find yourself glued to American Idol, or midget porn, or a Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon, pour yourself a cup of Earl Grey. The Brits have been drowning their sorrows and shame this way for years.

Years, I tell you. Link


femmeismygender said...

Ah, Earl Grey - the drink of choice for this (Brit) femme at all times. Nothing hits the spot quite as well. Unrelated, I thought the title of your last post meant something entirely different! :-)

Amanda said...

yay T!!!!! I would love to see you with a patient! It would be SO cool!!! You're like, a real doctor!

☆Susan☆ said...

*laughs* How cute is Amanda? So, now that you're all Dr. T and everything, can you give me a shot of Rocephin? Great, I'll see you in an hour.

gitz said...

Ahhh... I knew something had been missing in my life... it was you drinking Earl Gray while watching midget porn.

Who knew?!?

Way to rock the medical thing. :)

dive said...

Wow! Well done, T! That must feel great.

I don't know any English folk who drink Earl Grey (Femmeismygender is the first I've come across) but I DO know I have to buy shedloads of the horrid brown stuff from Fortnums for foreign visitors to take home.

I drink green tea from Shizuoka.

So … er … where do I find midget porn?

MmeBenaut said...

You can punch the sky anytime you please little one; especially when you know what's wrong with them!
Earl Grey is a bit too highly perfumed for me although I can drink it with a little sugar in it, weak and black.
I prefer good old English Breakfast Tea - Twinings also but in the red pack, not the insipid yellow one.

Terroni said...

No Earl Grey? Well shit, Dive, now I have to rewrite the whole damn post.

And femme, I sort of thought of that after I wrote it. It...uh...wasn't that kind of interview.

Amanda, some days I feel more real than others.

Sorry, Susan...no Rx pad yet.

Madame, how long has it been since I've caught up with your blog? I'm terribly behind this week! Your comment reminds me, I must come visit!!

Maria said...

I'm not British but I don't mind Earl Grey now and then. Like Dive, though, I prefer green tea or one of those cutesy flavored teas like cranberry surprise or lemon mint.

And damn...I have been missing midget porn????