Friday, May 29, 2009

Under the pier, a storm brewing overhead


citizen of the world said...

I love storms, especially at the ocean.

Amanda said...

did you take this picture????

☆Susanlee☆ said...

This is so impressive! Beautiful!

Terroni said...

yes, I took it...and nearly got washed out to sea in the process.

gitz said...


just, wow.

Amanda said...

T this is fantastic. seriously.

Maria said...

How did you get inside my brain?

gitz said...

ok, i just went to the postcard site you told me about and have about killed myself laughing! This one did me in:

Backstory: My mom was a kindergarten teacher in a bad part of town.
Mom: It was a rough neighborhood. The kind of place where the men would come to the playground and let their snakes out of their bags.
Me: Ew! Mom that’s so gross.
Mom: I know. I hate snakes.
Me: Wait, that was a euphemism for something right?
Mom: No! They had real snakes! We had to go check the playground before recess to make sure they weren’t slithering around by the swings or anything.

Holy Hell, that was funny. Reminds me of when my parents and I were watching a movie and someone mentioned 69. I laughed, they didn't get the joke and I HAD TO EXPLAIN IT TO THEM. We've never been the same since. ;)

MmeBenaut said...

Rather scary but at least those pier beams look sturdy. One of our piers washed away in the middle during a recent storm and tidal surge. I don't think our beams are anywhere near as strong as these.

At least you didn't get washed out to sea! Are you a good swimmer Terroni?