Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday night

Sitting around, studying,
and watching people who have almost as much talent as their back-up singers win awards.

Rascal Flats just massacred Hotel California.
Funny that everyone talks about Clay Aiken's sexuality,
but no one seems to mention that this band's lead singer
sounds like he should be leading a girls' show choir.

But when Ludacris and Mary J. Blige sing
Runaway Love...amazing.
I don't consider myself a fan,
but there is phenomenal truth and courage in his lyrics.
He has a lot to teach about what it is like to grow up
poor and black in America.

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Music Fan said...

Great blog entry. I do not like Rascal Flatts either. Everyone raves about how the lead singer is so good. hahaha, too funny.