Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Happy Birthday...

to you!

How many spanks, Dive?


Mme Benaut said...

This is the cherished refrain reserved for our nearest and dearest:

Happy Birthday to you
You live in the zoo
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too

Happy Birthday Dive (again).

dive said...

Hee hee hee. Thank you, T (and Mme B).
Only the one spank for the blog but forty-eight for my fat, hairy arse.


Terroni said...

Bend over!

dive said...


Cheryl said...

Hi T,

Loved the bathroom story. I'm doing some catching up, finally. You are going to have the best stories to share with us. My sister said you're one of her favorite blogs, btw.

Maria said...

Famous last words: bend over.

Mme Benaut said...

Terroni - come and see Baby/Sascha on our blog today! She is a champagne burmese, 3 years old, the tiniest of all my cats and very clever and cute.