Monday, August 6, 2007

Such perfect sentiment

Lots of music with my studying tonight.

If I Should Fall Behind

I'll wait for you
And should I fall behind

Wait for me be someone worth waiting for, and to have another.


Mme Benaut said...

It will happen little one, never fear.

Try listening to "The Promise" by Tracy Chapman. I'd be interested to know if you like it.

Terroni said...

I love it.
Thank you, Madame.

Susanlee said...

I love that song. And yes, Amanda is pregnant. Your comment made me laugh my ass off.

Terroni said...

I'm glad you laughed :>

Maria said...

Patience is a virtue. And will all be so much easier to pursue after med school, when you aren't wandering around trying to remember what your name is in that foggy blur that becomes your life.

Maya said...

That sentiment sounds lovely. Who wouldn't want something as sweet as that in their life. I dream of it on a daily basis.