Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In magnetic words on the fridge at the test center

every secret always speaks
ferociously like questions
lingering in poisoned champagne window
or translucent sails that dance
to a stiff young melon devoured
in squirming angel breath and blue
ocean sky with girls smiling at
velvet colored hearts throbbing

I'm not sure if it's poetry, or test psychosis. After eight hours of multiple choice questions, it sounded inspired to me.


soon after we will celebrate and drink hard

pick the fresh pie


No. I didn't write the last one. But, I think it's a sign--the Ex has been dating.


Amanda said...

I've always liked those magnetic words for the fridge things. hmm...

Maria said...

Do you think you should send a sympathy card to your ex's conquests?

And Liv has a bunch of those magnets and I swear they are addictive. I will sit there and punch out idiotic things like"

sweet noses are a grain in a feed.

Go figure. Bing comes home, reads the fridge and scratches her head...

Terroni said...

Sympathy cards. Huh. I hadn't thought of that.

I had considered sending them the phone number for the wonderful woman from Legal Aid who helped me get the restraining order. But, now that you mention it, maybe I should include a card.

MmeBenaut said...

The exam went for eight hours?

I think that the fridge thing is a secret mnemonic aid to all the multi-choice questions.

I bet you blitzed the exam anyway. Just don't forget to eat, ok?

So glad you are enjoying the music while you catch up sweetheart.

Terroni said...

Madame, you sound just like my good friend Graci with the reminders to eat.

Are you two in cahoots? ;)

*** said...

Oh my GOD I love magnetic poetry!! My fridge currently says "I am divine," which isn't funny, but makes me feel better. It also says "moms like rice cake." Much less inspiring.

Terroni said...

I'm thinking of getting some for Graci's fridge. We're living together during fourth year, so it's actually our fridge now.

At my old apartment, the fridge had an HRC equality sticker on it and a bumper sticker sized whopper that said, IF YOU CAN'T TRUST ME WITH A CHOICE, HOW CAN YOU TRUST ME WITH A CHILD? If visitors wondered where we stood on the issues, they only had to go help themselves to a beer to figure it out.

MmeBenaut said...

I think I'm going to post a photo of the front of my fridge - no alphabet letters, mostly stickers for physios and dentists.
Graci and I are not in cahoots on this but give us time and we might be. You and M.B are both worrying me. If I don't serve it, he doesn't eat. He doesn't rummage in the cupboards at all - wouldn't have a clue what was in them!

Terroni said...

Madame, M.B and I both love you for worrying about us. :)