Friday, October 24, 2008

A leisurely walk through Crazyville

The apartment is quiet.

I'm sitting on the couch in my pajamas (scrubs and a soft tee shirt) and a hoodie. My hair looks like Fraggle Rock got caught in a wind storm. I just finished my coffee and Dive's post about dowdy old cult ladies pimping out their daughters to try to lure him to church. It was an inspiring story about the deep personal commitment some people make to evangelism. Personally, I felt convicted to do more to try to trick people into coming to Jesus. I have the day off. Perhaps I'll spend a portion of it trying to come up with ways to do just that.

Perhaps not.

Speaking of days off, I've had a few too many of those lately. I've been in Rheumatology clinic for the past two weeks, and the schedule there is, uh...light. Like three half days a week with the occasional clinic day canceled light. It sounded like heaven when I signed up for it, but, it turns out, this isn't the best time for me to have so much time on my hands. I find myself worrying entirely too much about interviews, scheduling flights, that one letter of recommendation that still isn't completed (this, in particular, is driving me bat shit crazy), finding a belt to match my suit.

Yes, that's right. Last night, I actually had a moment of panic over a belt. Like, what if I never find a belt that looks right? What if I have to go to all of these interviews without a belt? And what if I get nervous and can't eat much the night before and the next day my pants don't fit right and then right there, in the middle of one of those lame-ass hospital tours, my pants fall down around my ankles and then I'm standing there in front of some program director without any pants on and all anyone can think is, damn, that girl has some pasty white chicken legs? SHIT. If I can't find a belt, I'm never going to get into a residency. Not with these legs.

See, way too much free time.

Monday, I start a month of pediatric ICU. I suck at peds, so I'll have a lot of reading to do. Not a lot of free time. And, while I don't necessarily look forward to being swamped with work, I do very much look forward to the return of my sanity.


Sara said...

Two things:

1. I'm wearing the exact same outfit and hairstyle RIGHT NOW. If I have to be in the hospital all the time the least they can do is look the other way when I take some pajama bottoms.

2. I would do a little happy dance if I lost enough weight that my pants fell around my ankles without a belt. And the happy dance would then make it happen.

3. (I know I said two but this is a bonus) There's always tanning lotion for the legs. :)

.j.william. said...

I once read the parable of the "lifting off of stress" where they related it to deep-sea fish that explode when brought to the surface because of the reduction in pressure.

Best not to explode: best to get back to being overworked. heh.

oh, and I've found that a length of twine is both a practical belt and quite stylish when worn with a suit.

.j.william. said...

I guess when I wrote "the" parable, I meant "a" parable. Writing "the" makes it sound like Jesus said it or something.

"blessed are the deep-sea fish: for they don't have to put up with your bullshit politics."

Shan said...

Oh! So you have to be totally booked up to keep from being a wierdy? That's where I must be going wrong because I think I've done way less important dialoging in my head than your belt/chx leg one even.

The problem for me nerves start literally shocking each other if I'm toooo busy. And then the memory immediately goes and I forget to pick up my kids from school or something. It's a delicate balance to stay betwixt the crazies sometimes.

I wouldn't like Rheumatology either, especially if I had to write the word very often along the way-it's way to awkward. But then you wouldn't worry about that, you've got the belt situation. ;)

Rich said...

enjoy the down time while you can. Things get crazy fast. I love down time at work - how do you think I get to catch up on my blogging?

Rich said...

oh BTW, I love pasty white chicken legs.

Terroni said...

Sara, I think I'm going to skip the tanning lotion and just keep looking for a suitable belt. Best not to be known as that chick who dropped her pants on interview day. That's how a girl gets a reputation.

jw, if Jesus didn't say that, I bet he wishes he did.

Shan, you don't have to write Rheumatology often...but fibromyalgia seemed to be penned on everything.

Thanks, Rich. Maybe I'll skip the belt when I interview in Boston. ;)

MmeBenaut said...

Ah - two words I know - rheumatology and fibromyalgia. Now what do you call raging infection from a cat bite?

As always little T you have me in stitches with your writing and as for the belt; I giggled because on my wedding day to the handsome MB, I couldn't find the belt which goes with the outfit I had chosen; seriously I hunted everywhere and let me say that the belt was a gold looking number that really made the outfit. Alas, I had to stand at the makeshift altar beltless! Every time i look at the photos I cringe. The top was a short tunic and really needed that belt. But, lucky me, no-one really knew the difference and we had a fun day anyway.
All this to say that I totally understand your panic but agree that you do need just a little bit more to do so good luck with the little people ...

Maria said...

I should get to bed. I am staying up late reading blogs and eating Wheat Thins and I just read Sara's comment and thought she was telling you to put "tarring" lotion on your legs and I sat there all bewildered, trying to figure out what the fuck tarring lotion was.

dive said...

Bugger the belt. Just eat lardy crap and chocolate until your pants get tight.
You know I'm right.

Anonymous said...

They should elasticize scrubs.