Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She calls it "The one where I was a bitch"

After weeks of receiving email for a different Graci, my friend sent the different Graci this message...

If I remember correctly, I emailed you several weeks ago about the fact that I have been receiving emails that are actually intended for you. While I continue to receive emails from several other people trying to reach you, I have also started receiving email from you which I believe you are trying to cc to yourself. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of the fact that while we do have the same name, we do, indeed, have different email addresses.

Do you hear that tone? That little bit of bitchy flare? And this, from my bff, a woman known for her perpetual kindness?

Yeah, well...don't fuck with her email.


Terroni said...

Graci is taking her boards exam tomorrow.

And by "perpetual kindness" I mean, right now she is packing extra snacks for the other people taking the exam tomorrow...just in case they forget to bring their own carrot sticks.

I sort of can't believe this is my best friend because carrot charity, it's the kind of thing I would never think to do.

Sara said...

Fantastic. I envy bitchy; I try to be tough and end up laughing at myself because even I think I sound ridiculous.

Rock it, Graci.


Justin has been getting someone else's email too! So weird.

dive said...

It's the kind ones who explode most spectacularly, T.
Be sure and wear protective clothing around Graci if this issue isn't sorted out soon.
And we want photos if it happens!
Hee hee.

MmeBenaut said...

Good luck with the exams Graci! Hope the little kitten is on the mend.
As for the email - well said and that's not exactly bitchy - it's quite polite actually.

Love your writing little Terroni. Carrot sticks! LOL

Anonymous said...

Not so much bitchy as, um, firm.

Butch Boo said...

Whoa! Seen much bitchier than that!

It's kinda hard to get a tone in an email and so often they can be misunderstood


Maria said...

I'm sort of astonished that you regard carrot sticks as snacks. I am thinking that whoppers would do the trick for me...

Terroni said...

Graci is really disappointed that you all didn't think she was bitchy here.

"That's the best I can do!" she said.

I had to reassure her that the other Graci was probably really very upset by this email. That she may have even cried a little (on the inside) when she read it.