Thursday, February 26, 2009

And for this there is no treatment

I've spent the whole day studying neurology. The net effect being a pain in my head (could be a ruptured aneurysm, could be a tumor) and some numbness in my left ass cheek (may be chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, may be neurosyphilis).

The point is...I don't know. Much of anything.

Tomorrow, they will present us with cases, and then the clerkship director will ask, So...where is the lesion? You'd think that uh...nerve would be a safe bet (because neurology is, after all, the ology of nerves), but most of the time that's not actually correct.

Who knew?
Tomorrow, the answer may well be, Um...not Terroni.


MmeBenaut said...

Nerves are wonderful things Terroni, especially when they're working ...

Anonymous said...

When I was on internship and workiing with terminally ill cancer patients. I became convinced I had esophageal cancer, complete with an enormous tumor on theback of my tongue. Turned out to just be inflamed from all my morning sickness.

Terroni said...

Wait, cw, do you mean I could be pregnant?
Suddenly, I find myself hoping it's just syphilis.


Eric said...

My daughter is planning on being a neurologist. I'm scared.

Maria said...

I went for YEARS thinking that I had whatever illness I was studying at the time.

It passes.

Terroni said...

I wasn't worried that I had them so much as I was worried that I wouldn't be able to diagnose them if I did.

It's not sickness I fear. It's stupidity.

When does that pass?