Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A date

I have a date tonight.

I just spent half a minute staring at that line up there.

This is not my first date ever. It's not even my first date since redeeming my singleness. But, for some reason, staring at that line up there makes me want to crawl into bed with a bottle of wine and a book and ignore my cell phone for a week.

In fact, if I didn't think that Blake would show up at my apartment, break down the door, and bitch slap me for canceling on a guy about whom he has so eloquently said, "God, I would hit that," I might just go ahead and skip it.

I'm going on the date for two reasons: First, clearly I'm afraid of Blake. Second (and I swear to God, if you tell him I said this, I'll bitch slap you into next week), he's right. The guy is hot.


Susanlee said...

-squeals like a teenager at a slumber party!!-

secret agent woman said...

Very cool! Have fun, get lucky!

Anna said...

I'm back from my holidays and I find this. Woohoo! Happy new year indeed, eh Tee?
I know that feeling you describe exactly, not wanting to go but going to go for not very good reasons. In my experience, dates that start with that feeling actually end up to be the most fun. Anticipate the worst *lol*
I always take a book with me when I go on a date. It helps me keep my mind off the date until I'm right there and can't back off anymore. Works like a charm every time!

Have fun, you wonderful woman, you!

Shan said...

DO tell. :D

dive said...

Woohoo! Have a great time, T!

Eric said...

Blake, too funny.

Terroni said...

Eric, I think that you and Blake might really enjoy each other.

Eric said...

You're both funny as hell, I just re-read the going-to-the-impound story...one of my favorites.