Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

I’m dog sitting for Blake and Evan.

It’s 10:30, and I’m in bed—their bed—with their puppy, Rhee. I could make all sorts of snide remarks about spending New Year's snuggled up with an aging, slightly overweight, bald in patches, nearly toothless Dachshund in a bed that belongs to a couple of gay guys. But, to be honest, I’m lizard on a heat rock happy right now.

As I was walking Rhee tonight, I got a few curious looks from some girls who were running out to catch a cab. They were in short, tight dresses, 3 inch eye makeup, and 4 inch heels. I was in flannel pants, a hoodie, old clogs, and one of the boys’ baseball caps. We sized each other up. They sighed in pity. I laughed a little under my breath. You couldn’t pay either of us to trade shoes.

Been there, done that. Sometimes, I even love that. But, not tonight.

Tonight, it’s quiet. The sheets are warm. The dog is cuddly.
And this is happy new year.


Eric said...

About as exciting as mine. Happy new year, T.

dive said...

Happy New Year, T!

secret agent woman said...

Hope their are many more lizard on a heat rock happy days for you in the coming year.

Maria said...

We had our first New Year's Eve party this year and I got very intoxicated and sang karaoke. If someone had made a documentary about this party, I would have been the aging cougar who should not have tried to get away wearing those heels. Luckily, Bing pulled me into her lap so that I couldn't further embarrass myself by playing Twister. I think your quiet celebration beat mine by a landslide.

Vic said...

Happy New Year, T. Early in the night I tried to pass out on the lounge outside, but my flatmate woke me by pressing a shot glass into my hand. It only delayed the passing out process. I think yours sounds a little more comfy than waking up at 5am with an incredibly sore back and a beer still in your hand!

MmeBenaut said...

Ah, Happy New Year Terroni. A little dachsund as a foot warmer is rather cute. I usually have a burmese cat but they are nearly the same colour.
I'm with you on the clogs - I wear "crocs" when I do the gardening and they are the most comfortable shoes that I own. I can't wear high heels at all any more.