Saturday, September 17, 2011



When I wrote that August 22nd post, the one about being in love, I knew you'd be the first to comment. And I knew you'd be happier for me than anyone else. That is the very nature of you.

The boy and I were curled up on the couch last night talking. I told him that while catching up on your blog, I learned that our days of reading each other are coming to an end. I explained a little about AS, about how it has affected you. He said, "It's like everything's been stripped she's been deconstructed."

I understand how it may sound that way. But to know you is to know what has been left. It is to know the seed--the very seed of love and peace and joy--that lives, completely unscathed, in you.

I am going to miss you like whoa, girl.



thefisherlady said...

Terroni... I found this the most beautiful tribute to Sara... the seed is where we all come from and then the Master Gardener brings forth breath and life abundant... for Sara, her harvest is ready. Praying God's peace and comfort to go along with her great love and joy.
Thank you for your sharing here.
blessings to you

Susanlee said...