Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not that I'm counting

Today was my last day on the floor as a 3rd year med student.
In less than 48 hours, the exam will be over.
And I'll be a 4th year.

I don't want to throw around too much fancy medical jargon here, but 4th year is technically referred to as THE LAST YEAR OF MED SCHOOL.


It's just me... said...

I am so PROUD OF YOU!!!

dive said...

Go for it, T.

Alissa said...


MmeBenaut said...

Good luck for the exam Terroni. Should be a breeze for you.
And a FINAL year med student. Hip hip hooray for that. Do you have to specialise after that?

Our med students have to study for 7 years and dentists do 6 years; architects 5 years and most honours degrees are 4 years - three to graduate from a Bachelor of Arts and one year of honours.

I'm not quite au fait with the US system though.
Any inkling as to which area of medicine is the most appealing to you yet? Don't answer that - get back to those books.
"Yes Maam" I hear you say.
I'll buy you a beer when it's over. Promise. xxx

Maria said...

Wow. Time flies when you sleep deprived and busier than a bee, huh?

amusings_bnl said...

You rule T.

so I'm gonna say "hey doc," and ask you to visit my friend Nancy and read this entry:

and help her decipher the findings from an X ray. Her mom done fell and broke her ass. or her arm. or something.

Tell her, if you leave a comment, that i sent you.

MmeBenaut said...

Hopefully it's all over by now and you are out celebrating little one. Just thought I'd pop in again to say well done. So, um, well done.

Shan said...

YEAH!!! ROCK!!! I just did a big Jack Black pose for you. :D Good job being with all the AWESOMENESS.

nina said...

omg omg omg! Fantastic sweets!