Saturday, November 1, 2008

This post brought to you by Sauvignon Blanc

Pediatric ICU is going just fine, thank you.

Is it sad?
Is it depressing?, not really. I like taking care of really sick people, so I enjoy this much more than I enjoyed outpatient pediatrics. And, unlike the neonatal ICU, where I thought we were torturing a bunch of babies only to leave them to struggle through a life of disabilities, here I think we are actually giving kids a fighting chance. So, although I am certainly not a pediatrician at heart, I look forward to going to work each day in the PICU. Plus, I'm entirely too busy to worry about stupid things like finding a belt to wear with my suit.

By the way, today, I bought a belt to wear with my suit and a pair of four inch heels. I'm wearing the heels around the house. With my pajamas.

Let's all just take a moment here to picture that and chuckle.

Okay, enough with the chuckle. I'm wearing the shoes in an attempt to tell my feet, "Suck it, bitches. Like it or not, we're wearing these on the interviews. Best to get used to the devastatingly sexy instruments of torture now before you have to wear them sober."

In other news, I went to the mall today and left just before I thought I might have to kill someone. I hate the mall. I hate that you can't walk through the place without people at those little stands in the middle trying to get you to sniff this, touch that, lick this, listen to that. Today, some woman with a curling iron stepped in my path and asked if she could do my hair. The longest hairs on my head are all of 1.5 inches. Basically, she offered to sit a scalding piece of metal on my scalp.

Then, I passed a woman who was having her infant's ears pierced. The baby was crying so hard she could barely catch her breath.

Let me just say...
In this, the age of community acquired MRSA, it's probably best not to subject your infant to a needless surgical procedure performed by some 16 year old who may well have just given that horny teenage guy from the Verizon store a hand job in the employee bathroom. Also, poking holes in a baby's ears so you can hang fake rhinestones from the sides of her head makes you look like an asshole. And a bad mother. And this really is all about appearances, isn't it?

(Now you understand why it's best for all of us if I just shop online.)

Moving on... to a belated Happy Halloween and a NO on Prop 8 from Wanda and Ellen.


Amanda said...

pediatric ICU sounds scary so I'm glad you can handle it!

another thing to add to my mental image of you: short hair

piece by piece I will figure it out! :)

dive said...

Four inch heels and pyjamas. That's a refreshingly different look, T.
I think you should take that look down to the mall and kick some ass with those heels.


Wondering if I should just send Amanda a picture of you...NO ON 8!!

jenny said...

In the UK you cant pierce a childs ears till they are 6, you see it here sometimes on toddlers but its very 'chavvy'!

jenny said...

and we have those women with the tongs too, I have been known to break into a run just to get past them!

MmeBenaut said...

Four inch heels are quite a challenge even for the most experienced stiletto wearer. Good luck sweetheart! I wore a pair to a 60th birthday party recently and even though I had a good time and everyone said how fabulous I looked (instead of flat heeled frumpy as I've been for the past four years), my feet were very upset with my decision and my back threatened to kill me if I ever tried that trick ever again. Those [gorgeous] shoes have been retired to the back of the closet.

Go girl in the PICU - give those babies a fighting chance! I'm so proud of you little T.

Anonymous said...

Any unesary altering of the body ought to be done only when the patient can give informed consent.

Are you seriously going to wear 4-inch heels on interviews?

Maria said...

I've never gotten the pierced earrings on babies thing. Liv is forbidden to pierce her ears until she is 16. I don't have any piercings and even though it is getting really hard to find clip earrings, I LOVE not having pierced ears.

I look at these four month old babies with studs in their ears and they look so....wrong.