Sunday, July 26, 2009


It makes cleaning the apartment so much more enjoyable.


Eric said...

I'll trade you your messy apartment for my dead water heater. I have always wanted to go on safari, and pretending I'm on a disabled submarine is getting old.

neetzy said...

Hey Terroni,

I mentioned my recent trip to Baltimore and Dive told me you recently became a doctor! I want to express my huge and heartfelt congratulations to you! I just earned my master's which was cake compared to your accomplishment.

I live in York, PA, approx. one hour to the north. We spent last weekend in your fair city. My daughters went to Otakon. Husband and I went to Artscape! Good Times. We found an excellent wine store in that new little area below Little Italy. We might be coming back for more soon!

MmeBenaut said...

I swear that I couldn't understand a word he said so I gave up at about the 4 minute mark. That song goes for 10 minutes and 9 seconds. I guess I could do a good impression of cleaning the bathroom in that amount of time. You are a circus sweetheart.