Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday morning

I woke up at 8 feeling like I'd gotten to sleep until noon. Are all these 5 am mornings turning me into a morning person? I never would have thought that possible, but I think that's possible.

A short walk to the neighborhood cafe and on the way, a chat with Lee, the Italian woman who lives on the corner. One of these days, I'll take a picture of her backyard for you. It is just the cutest old lady decorating with flowers and sea shells project you ever did see. I say project because the whole yard looks as though it belongs in a shoe box, on display, as a diorama of itself. This morning she was standing in the middle of her work of art, right next to the bird bath that is the centerpiece of it all, screaming and clapping at the pigeons perched on the wire overhead.

"Good morning, Lee."

"Good morning," she said, sounding unconvinced.

"Are you trying to scare the birds away?"

"Yes. They poop. They poop everywhere. On de flowers. On de shells. On de chairs." (Strong emphasis here, as few things are more offensive than defecating on a sweet old woman's lawn furniture.)

"They want to come and take a bath, that's fine. But they are not allowed to sit up on dat wire and poop in my yard. Take a bath here and poop somewhere else!" she yells, waving her hand at somewhere else.

"Is it working, the scaring them away bit?"

"Naw...look at them. They couldn't care less."

Indeed, they looked exactly as though they could not care less, as though they had no intention of holding their bowels until they got to the suggested somewhere else.

Pooping on a perfectly lovely diorama.
Some gall, those pigeons have.
Some gall.


Anna said...

Hi Terroni,

I usually just lurk but today I felt like commenting :) I loved that post, it was so funny and vividly expressed.

About the morning person thing: when I was on a dig in Egypt, we had to get up at 5am every day too. I am *not* a morning person but while this routine lasted, I was. When we'd get a day off, on Fridays, I'd get up at 7.30am, refreshed and perky. Nowadays, this seems unimaginable. Sigh...



Maria said...

Hey, have you discovered Vaccaro's yet? When I was there, it was the best place for cannoli and rum cake that you could every know. And the cassata cake was not either. Is Nick still there? Just day dreaming...and hungry. I'm invited to a cookout at Sven's house today...but trying not to eat before I get there.

Terroni said...

I'm glad you're here, Anna. When I get a chance, I'll stop by your corner of the web and lurk a while myself. :)

M, I'm going to try to stop on my way to work on Tuesday. I'm on day float this week, so I don't have to go in until 2 pm. This sounds like a great late morning snack.

secret agent woman said...

The yeas of geting up by 5:45 to get kids off to school and me off to work have made 8 am a luxurious sleep-in, too.

That's funny about the pigeons. If you make your yard a hospitable place for them, I guess that's the downside.

Eric said...

I feel ya on the sleeping in, I have to get up early and when I do sleep in to 8 or 9 it feels like I'm wasting the day.
There's an older Italian lady at the restaurant. She's pretty funny, but she talks very softly, which combined with her accent makes her pretty hard to understand.
Sonja swears that she only gets a noun every once in a while. "Meepmeepmeepmeepbread," she says she heard.
I tell her she's lucky she got the noun, run with it.

MmeBenaut said...

Sounds like you're already part of the 'hood, Terroni! Pigeon crap is not nice. One of our magpies had the gall to crap on MB's lawnmower the other day. I felt a bit like your neighbour; screeching into the wind while the magpies think I'm a lunatic and are not fazed in the slightest. Lovely, funny story little one.

dive said...

Hee hee, T.
What a perfect picture you paint.