Friday, September 21, 2007

Brain mush

Surgery is over! We took a huge, hard exam today to cap off this three month rotation. I originally planned to come home to clean and write, but my brain is mush. Also, for the first time since before I started this blog, Ex has reared his ugly head. This morning, he called a friend of mine. He hasn't done that--made contact with anyone like that--since last summer. No real harm done. He just said a bunch of extremely creepy shit. But, it's been on my mind. I'm watching my back again and feeling, in a very small way, like my life is not entirely my own.

I'm going to go take care of that feeling with ice cream sandwiches and a bit of beer.


Vic said...

I might skip on the ice-cream sandwiches but definately join you on the beer!

Congratulaztions on getting through the surgery part. At least you can be glad that ex didn't rear his ugly head during your three months and add to the stress. Toast him for being considerate that way, and then own your life again.

Cheers mate,

Mme Benaut said...

Congratulations on finishing your rotation Terroni. Do you get a break now or are you straight back into it? Hopefully your friend told your ex to pi.. off!
Brain mush is a way of saying take it easy for a while.
We're having our bonfire tonight. Rows of BBQs and nibbles etc. then lighting of the fire as soon as it is dark (about 7.00 pm). I think we have about 40 people coming and it will be a very late night as someone has to stay up to watch over the coals and make sure that we don't start a bushfire.

Maria said...

God, what an insecure little shit that man (boy) is.

He will probably keep this up for awhile, it is just another sick way for him to stay involved with you.

Ignore him like you would an ant. He is a creepy pee butt peeper man and unworthy of your attention.

On to the next rotation! What is this one?