Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's that you say?

My neck feels a little better--less shooting pain, more rotating my head as it should.

In other news, pediatric psychiatry is going okay. Right now, I'm a little confused. English is not the first language of any of the residents or fellows. This wouldn't be a big deal, except that they like to talk Arabic. So, sometimes I'm confused because I don't know much psychiatry; and sometimes I'm confused because I don't know much Arabic.

I did have a lovely chat with a patient this afternoon, though. It's amazing how much people will tell you when you just let them talk.
Best part? She spoke English the entire time. I can do English.


Susanlee said...

Oh my god. It is so *rude* to speak in a language that the majority of people around you don't understand. We had a whole seminar about it at a job I had once. It's particularly rude when the people you're leaving out of the loop are supposed to be learning from you. BAH!!

Rich said...

What country are you in. If you say America I'm going to bust a clot in my brain.

Terroni said...

I'm actually fine with people speaking whatever language they choose, as long as they're not supposed to be teaching me medicine. Accents? I'll concentrate hard and do my best to decipher, but occasionally I need a subject and verb with which I have at least a passing acquaintance.

I think I may have actually solved this problem, though. I said, "If you guys continue to talk like that, I'll have no choice but to assume you're discussing how fabulous I am." Poof...suddenly it was all English.

Maria said...

Gawd...laughed hard at that line. Good one!

And the best talks you will ever have will be with your psych patients...and some of the most bizarre.