Sunday, November 18, 2007

Actual voicemail

Hey T, it's Grandma.
Well, I just wanted you to know that we're going to have Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday (like we have every year since before you were born).
I'm just calling to invite you (in case perhaps you thought you maybe didn't make the list), and tell you we'd really love to have you come.
Okay, well we hope to see you on Thursday...for Thanksgiving dinner (just to clarify, that's what we'll be having).

I get this message during the second week of November every year.
I'll get another one around December 15th when she calls to invite me to Christmas.


Maria said...

My sister does the opposite. She and Bing's sister are always wrestling over who gets us for the holidays. So, like in JULY, she will say, " guys plan to come here for Thanksgiving, don't you?"

We go every year. And every Christmas, we go to Bing's sister's house. I would really like to have our own holiday dinner with a group of our friends (our real family), but then there are all these hurt feelings to handle, so we just go.

Does Grandma put raisins in the stuffin? Because I HAVE to have raisins in my stuffin.....

Susanlee said...

*sniffle* No Thanksgiving here this year.

Mme Benaut said...

That is so sweet of your Grandma T. Nothing like good old fashioned manners. I hope you reply to her to set her mind at ease.
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia so no plans there. Poor Susanlee - why no Thanksgiving for her?
Usually I have the whole family over for Christmas but since Dad died this year, we decided to go away and we're going to M.B's eldest daughter's place in Sydney. My preference would have been to go to an American ski resort but I'm not allowed to ski until next season (ours - from July-September).
My mother arrived in my town on Saturday. She hasn't called me yet. I offered to pick her up from the airport and got a text message back "Thanks but I will take a cab". Hmmmm.

Terroni said...

Maria, raisins.

Madame, your mom texts? That's fun!

Susan, my grandma wants your number. She wants to call and invite you to Thanksgiving.

Mme Benaut said...

Terroni - your Grandma is wonderful and Susanlee will have a great time!
Yes, my mother texts - she always uses capital letters. She sent me an email so I sent one back to her and now she's coming to visit on Wednesday. M.B says that she's playing games with me. I'm not really looking forward to it, I have to say. Fortunately my sister is bringing her so there will be three of us.

I just spoke to my little granddaughter, Summer, to wish her a Happy 8th Birthday. She is out to dinner at a restaurant, celebrating! I always have to wait a while to catch up 'cos I'm the "step" Grandma but that's ok.

dive said...

T: If Mme. Benaut can't make it, can I go instead? I've never had a Thanksgiving.
Your Grandma sounds great!

Terroni said...'re invited!