Saturday, November 3, 2007, uh, got a haircut

That's what people have been saying all afternoon. That's what you say when someone has obviously lost a lot of hair (in a non-chemo, non-middle-aged man kind of way), but it doesn't really look great. It's like saying, "I'm not an idiot. I noticed. I'm just a shitty lier, and am therefore incapable of mustering up a respectable Damn, girl, you look hot."

Except that I think it does look great. Or, rather, it will. In about four days. Right now, it's a bit short...even for my hip, cool taste. I freaking love getting my haircut, though. For one hour a month, I feel all Margaret Cho as my hair designer (yeah, he actually calls himself that) fans the flames of his faggotry.

Last month, I got to see pictures of he and his fiance's new poodle, Madonna. Pictures of Madonna before they rescued her--before the bows, and the haute couture, and the weave. Poor thing looked like...well, like a dog. Pictures of Madonna now, the happy and healthy diva she was born to be, getting kisses from Scott, Shane's fiance. All of the pictures were tucked in a lacy pink baby book. As Shane handed it to me, he said, "Is that not the gayest thing you've ever seen?" It was.

This time we chatted about Shane's upcoming birthday. It's upcoming as in just two short months away. Shane and Scott have been getting their house ready for the party by redecorating. As Shane talked about wall colors, he stopped cutting briefly to say, "Well, you know, my favorite color is purple..." He went on to explain how this week they are painting the dining room to match some fabulous curtains he found. He sighed and said, "We've been busy little bitches!" I've been invited to the party, and I've penciled into my planner. I can't help it...I want to see those curtains.


dive said...

Damn, girl, you look hot!
Love the hair, T.
And you've GOT to go see those curtains and report back to your drooling readership.

Mme Benaut said...

Short hair can be very liberating and looks great on youngsters like you with pretty faces. I don't like really short hair on older women - too harsh.
Shane sounds neurotically adorable and the baby book thing quite comically absurd. I know that I'm nuts about my cats but I'm not that bad, and I'm a real girl!
Funny post T.

Rich said...

The difference between a good haircut and a bad one is...two weeks.

Maria said...

I wore my hair in a braid down my back for DECADES and then I went all Halle Berry and got it cut REALLY short. I have never looked back. It is easy. It looks Audrey Hepburn and girl...we ARE HOT LOOKING FOO FIGHTING BITCHES.

And guys like Shane tend to make great holiday dinners too, so...hey...get yourself invited, if possible. I guarantee that you will never look at turkey the same when they get through with you.

Cheryl said...

How over the top! I lost my very flamboyant hairdresser friend many years ago. It was fun to talk and play around like you do with your hairdresser. There is nothing better than having your hair cut. I'd do it every week if I could!

Terroni said...

Thanks, Dive! If I go to the party, I'll be sure to tell ya all about it.

Madame, Happy Birthday again! You know, I think he may be a real girl, too...on the inside. Glad the post made you smile :>

Rich, I tend to agree.

Maria, HOT LOOKING FOO FIGHTING BITCHES...damn straight! I think we should put that on t-shirts.

Cheryl, I'm with you. Shane wants to tweeze my brows too, but I can't really afford that at this point. I'll have to continue to work on those at home.

CS said...

What, no photo of the new haircut? I got my hair cut off just post-separation, for the change of it, and got lots of compliments. Of the "You look so much better" variety. But I like it in a pnytail, so I'm growing it back out for me.