Sunday, July 29, 2007

To the friendship

As we drink to the friendship, and laugh about the rest...

I've waited longer for lesser things
But here I am
Who really knows what tomorrow brings
But here I am
Just in case you were wondering
Just in case you got lost again
Just in case you run out of friends, here I am.

It's so easy just to rip and to tear, so here I am
What you need the most
Disappears into thin air, so here I am
Maps and compasses may stay true
It doesn't really matter what you do, here I am.

Some days our reach
Is bound to far exceed our grasp
I gave up hoping long ago
I could fix the I am.


Terroni said...

No...this was written for someone I've never mentioned here before.

Maria said...

I'm all for friendship and sometimes you find it in unusual places...

Mme Benaut said...

Here I am, little one. That's a beautiful poem.
So glad that you've caught up on some sleep and feel like a new woman! 97.5 hours is incredible. Also glad that you're meeting men, if only to hone your skills. Hold out for that respect and class. You deserve it. xxx

Terroni said...

It's Mary Chapin Carpenter, and it is beautiful.

I've actually used a line from this song in a post before. Taken in part or as the whole, it has spoken to me differently at different times.

I love that poetry can do that.

Rich said...

Nice!! can you see the tear in my eye?