Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blowing. And also drifting.

Drove through the snow for two hours.
Didn't die, but also didn't make it to that dinner.
(Damn you, Winter.)

Graci gave me a chocolate chip cookie left over from her own dinner.
She even warmed it in the microwave.
Amazing how much better that will make a girl feel.
(Thank you, Graci.)


Anonymous said...

YOu can't go far wrong with a warm chocolate chip cookie.

Alice Kildaire said...

Cookies have the power to make just about everything a little better!!

Maria said...

I fucking detest winter. Every time that chuckly faced weather guy says, "Well, folks, brace yourself...old man winter is going on a rampage today..."

Well, I just sort of want to smack his face.

Maria said...

Hey...sweetie...have you been by Mme B's place lately? If not, go and catch up with her, yes? Some hard times for our good friend.