Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hit the ground running

Played fetch with the cat.
Briefly considered cleaning the bathroom.
Watched 4 Cosby Show reruns on TV Land.
Competed with Graci for who could suck the worst at online Sudoku.
Ate some sauerkraut. (It's supposed to be good luck. Not that I need it. Clearly, this year is shaping up to be my most magnificent ever.)


gitz said...

It all actually sounded ok with me until you hit sauerkraut... then you lost me. :)

Love the quote on your sidebar. LOVE it.

Terroni said...

I'm glad you like it, Sara. :)

☆Susan☆ said...

Ew sauerkraut! We do black eyed peas off a butter knife. They're supposed to be good luck, but Justin was allergic to them so, I guess not for him.

☆Susan☆ said...

PS: your sidebar quote, I want that.