Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fill in the blank

Where is your cell phone? Graci's coffee table. Don't call me right now. I'm busy.

Vehicle? Covered in salt. In need of an oil change and some windshield washer fluid.

Hair? Not bad.

Father? Talked to him on the phone today. Asked if I missed him, as he always does. I said yes. It wasn't a lie, as it never is.

Your favorite thing? Peace. And quiet.

Dream last night? Don't remember. Woke up nervous and sweaty. Not well rested.

Favorite drink? The occasional cold beer. Or two.

Room you are in? Graci's living room. Basking in the warm glow of her entertainment center. Because she has a TV, and I don't.

Your ex? Said all I've got to say about that.

You are? Tired. Very tired. Maybe catching a little bug.

What do you want to be in ten years? Good at my job. Kick ass good.

Who did you hang out with today? Lolita, Graci, Swahili.

What you're not? Perky.

Muffins? No. Bagels.

One of your wish list items? These.

Where is the ____? Crockpot.

The last thing you did? Ate oreos.

What are you wearing? New glasses. Brown on the outside. Animal print on the inside. (That's where I keep my animal...on the inside.)

Your pet(s)? Sadly...none to speak of.

Your computer? Having some problems running off the battery. Out for a quick repair next week.

Your life? Tired.

Your mood? Spent.

Missing? My energy. (Are you catching the theme here?)

What are you thinking about right now? My leg. I fell on the ice today. Hard. My knee's swollen. Ouch.

Your shoes? These, in blue and sulphur. They make me look cool.

Your work? Ugh. Studying. Exam in two weeks. Crunch time.

Your summer? Months away.

Your favorite color? Brown. As in hard wood. Not loose stool.


Vic said...

Brown. As in hard wood. Not loose stool.

Hell, woman! You made me laugh out loud.

I'm going to steal this meme, mate. It's a good one.


dive said...

Me too, T. Great last line.
And things'll perk up after the exams which, by the way, you'll ace.

Terroni said...

This actually came from Maria's archives. Sorry, Maria, I intended to give you credit. Just forgot.

Glad to make you laugh, friends.

Susan said...

Sorry about the sleep...and the leg. We should have a slumber party. We'll call M. and he can give you his metric system speech. Guaranteed to knock you right out. As for the leg, I've got every painkiller on earth.

Maria said...

Pebble hoops...very cool. The shoes? not so much.

And that meme came from ME? Because I was thinking I would like fucking steal it. Shit. I already DID IT?? Are you sure? Because I don't remember a thing about it. But, then...what the hell did I eat for breakfast today???

Ah, yes...oreos. If we ever meet up, let's eat bunches and bunches of oreos. I can do into a blood sugar high and you can monitor me and make me drink lots of water...I mean, isn't that your job?

Mme Benaut said...

I can see you wearing sterling silver hoops, T. Sorry about the knee. Don't imagine that Logyn is allowing your little sis much sleep either.
Good luck with the exams little one.

Amanda said...

you fell on the ice?! oh goodness... that sounds like me... feel better knee!

Anonymous said...

A weary theme runing through that meme!