Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Being of not so sound mind

This migraine is slowly eating my brain. It started two days ago. A couple hours before the actual head pain set in, I was in a room with a woman and her two daughters. The older daughter had fallen playing broom ball. "People have died playing this game," the mother and daughter said. And then, because apparently I didn't have the appropriate look of shock and grab the crash cart horror, they yelled, "Died!" For emphasis.

It was a close call, but daughter did not, in fact, die. She had a knee strain, an injury that, even when acquired during full contact broom ball, is rarely fatal. As the two of them tried to convince me that despite a relatively unimpressive exam, she could, at any moment, leave this mortal coil, the younger daughter danced around me. Danced around me chirping. It was like a giant, blonde bird was in the room.

And in the middle of my migraine aura, I could have sworn to you that all of this--the woman, her half-dead daughter, the bird--were all talking directly into my brain.

I knew this kid with autism who would, on occasion, retreat to a corner to cradle the sides of his head in his hands and rock. I never really understood that. As I was sitting there in that exam room, I suddenly thought, huh...maybe this is what it sounds like in his head.


The primaries in Ohio and Texas are over. Clinton made a comeback but still won't have a majority of pledged delegates come convention time. The super-delegates in the party of voter rights should not overturn the voters' choice. This strikes me as a...duh.

But, Clinton should be Obama's running mate. They both have talents we need. And, I think they could use each other to take down McCain in November. They could start by saying, "Mr. McCain thinks that Iraq is a winnable war. The old man is clearly delusional."

Plus, that works out well for me, because I like both of them. And, when Obama's done, I can vote for Clinton for president. See...if they run together, I could be happy with the commander-in-chief for the next 16 years.

My head feels better already.


Susan said...

I am so sorry about your head. Also, I heard that there's some nasty weather up your way today, so I hope you're able to stay somewhere warm and dark and cozy to cradle your head and rock.

As for Obama/Clinton, I feel the exact same way. HC wants to be president more than anything else, and if she'd take a step back for a moment, she'd see that having 8 years as a VP is her surest shot at getting there.

Anonymous said...

I would love, love, love to see a Clinton/Obama ticke, and I don't even care which one goes in which place.

As for migraines, I trule feel your pain on this one. They suck.

The Shan said...

I am way to much of an elephant to have political discussions with you. But, you DO crack me up and I like your blog so I'm reaching across party lines in peace. And sorry about your head. This election is liable to give me a migraine as well. Oops, that slipped out. No talky :}

Mme Benaut said...

So sorry about your migraine little one. Try maxolon/promethazine - IM if possible. Maxolon or Stemetil to stop the vomiting - promethazine (phenergan) to help you sleep through the pain and to alleviate the allergy component of the migraine. After 5 hours' sleep you might feel a whole lot better. If it is a hormonal migraine the same thing applies - sleep through the pain. It's the only way - I have over 40 years' experience with migraine. Last time - less than a month ago, the doctor gave me a little bit of maxolon (metoclopramide) IV as well. You can have painkillers IM as well - such a pethidine/morphine but sometimes they just make you vomit more.
Poor little thing - I'm sending you lots of hugs, sweetheart.

nina said...

egads, i sympathize with your migraine! i had one the same time you did. i was sitting in class wanting to kill the 18 year old who sits in the back and sighs really loud and mumbles about how boring the subject is.

hope you're feeling better now!


Maria said...

Ah...maybe you think about being a brain surgeon.

I hope it didn't last. I used to get killer migraines from age 17-30 and then they just vanished. No idea why. Maybe I had met my lifelong quota of pain because it sure fucking felt like it. And there is NOTHING harder than trying to diagnose a patient when you have a migraine. Their words sound like mush, they seem to not be able to shut up and you just plain want to lay down and make the world go away.