Friday, March 21, 2008

Enough already

Dudes, it's snowing.
It's March twenty freakin' first, and it's snowing.
You see that dollar store lawn chair? I'm beginning to think I'm never going to be able to sit there and drink my tea. Ever again.

Mother Nature isn't getting shit for Mother's Day this year. Not even a card. That is how very strongly I feel about that fact that it's snowing on March twenty freakin' first.


.j.william. said...

happy second day of spring!

if we get the 6-8" they're predicting tonight, ann arbor will break its record for snowfall in a single season.


I saw the shoots of crocuses peeking up yesterday, I swear it.

Terroni said...

and now the poor things are going to be crocusicles.

although that does sound sort of tasty...

dive said...

It's snowing here, too.
What on earth is going on?
We've had weeks of spring sunshine and daffoldils and my cherry trees have almost finished flowering but as soon as spring "officially" starts, the arctic dumps a load of snow on us.
Poo all over that!

deboo said...

But - what's that screen strip down below? Astroturf?

I'm so sorry. I hope the weather turns warmer for you very soon. If it doesn't you have an invitation out west... Just let me know.



Terroni said...

green fence, deb.
green fence.

so...are you back to stay this time, deb? because last time you came back i re-added you to my blogroll and then found your blog was private. i felt so...teased.

Maria said...

It isn't snowing here, but it was cloudy and cold all day. My sister called and informed me that today is SUPPOSED to be horrid, that Jesus died on this friday and it is supposed to be a really bad weather day.

I asked her if she could please ask Jesus to make it sunny on Easter since it was a much happier day for him. She told me that one simply does NOT tell Jesus what to do.

Well, now. I would think he's appreciate a little input, wouldnt' you?

deboo said...

I love a good tease, don't you? ;-)

Yupper, I'm back again. This time I hope it's a keeper. But, I need to find a decent blog template. Blogger templates are old and decrepit. I need something snazzier to keep me interested.

Glad your residency (or is it internship?) is going well. I love reading about your trials and tribulations. I must blog about a friend of mine who became a physician and now no one likes her. I know you wouldn't be like that... right?

Thanks for stopping by, Hon.

Terroni said...

I do think he appreciates the input, which is why I give him free advice daily. Granted, he only takes about half of it.

It's actually still just my 3rd year of med school. But, I actually think I'll become even more popular once I have my own prescription pad. If I remember anything about high school, it's that people who hand out good drugs tend to have lots of cool friends. (I kid, I kid.) Oh, and if you find a place with great templates, let me know! :)

Susan said...

I get my templates from Pyzam...well not the Flawed Beauty one (I can't remember where I lucked into that one), but the other ones. Sorry about the snow T, maybe it's almost over, if not, you know, the weather here's been in the 70s and 80s, you're welcome to visit.

MLC said...

Weather is sick -- we have a storm and horrible roads. All of 26 degrees today. Had to pull off the road and get the ice off the wipers driving to my appointment tonight.

Spring - where? I'm moving to New Mexico.

Mme Benaut said...

We have blue skies and sunshine down here Terroni and the temperature is pleasant now. I have a koala sitting in my tree just outside the window. Anytime you feel tempted to come on down, just let me know.
Oh, and Jesus, so it is said, hears everything and quite likes getting feedback.

The Shan said...

The snow is unfortunate. The picture possibilities are not! More action shots please-YEAH! I don't know why I think I can be so demanding at this point but I had to get it out there. :D

Anonymous said...

Yes you will, spring will get there before you know it. Unless we have another one of those freal mid-April blizzards. gah.