Saturday, March 8, 2008


We sat huddled on the floor in the dark, and we watched the snow fall on her porch.
We just sat.
And watched.
And talked about what it used to feel like when we were little. About how it still sometimes feels like quiet magic when we see the first good snow of the year. This was not that snow, not the first. But, as we sat there together, magic came...slowly.

She pointed to a flake, shining in the porch light and said, "See that one? That one is really pretty."

And, even though I probably wasn't looking at the very same tiny flake, I nodded and said, "Yeah. And look at that one. It has very delicate pointy parts. I wonder how it made it all the way down here in one piece..."

She said, "Sometimes, I wish I was six years old again."

I said, "Sometimes, when I'm with you, I feel like I am."

"Yeah," she smiled. "Me too."

On we sat. And watched the snow. And pointed at our favorite flakes. And talked about how life is long and things change. And you never know. But, we decided we are sure of something...we keep the friends we're meant to keep.

And we are meant to keep.


dive said...

That's beautiful, T.
I'm glad your headache seems to have cleared up.
But I must confess that I've now got Frank Zappa's "Flakes" stuck in my head … though that's no bad thing.

Susan said...

*lonely Susan sniffles*

.j.william. said...

yay for friends.

plus you made me love the current snowfall just a tiny bit more.

Anonymous said...


nina said...

This was very beautiful.

"We keep the friends we are meant to keep."


Anonymous said...

aaah, that's so nice that you took time to enjoy the snowflakes...and friendship.

I also read your last post. I've also found that phrase amusing "mortal coil". While it wasn't fun for you, I like the "blonde bird" imagery. I haven't had a full blown migraine in a long time. Thank God! I thought I was seriously going to die on the last one! I was living alone and it was so bad I literally could not move a muscle, not even furrow my brow, which I normally do without thinking. I wanted to get up and pee and call 911, but I couldn't do either. I was amzed that a. I mangaged to fall asleep and b. that I managed to wake up. That was a dosey!

Hope you're better now! Take it easy,

Mme Benaut said...

Beautiful, little one. I would have like to have been sitting there with you, watching the snow falling. Oh, how I'd love to see and feel snow. Ohio's storm made it onto our local news service last night. Wow, you guys are having a great deal of the lovely white stuff.
We, on the other hand, are having a heatwave.

Susan said...

I love you so much! Thanks for the comments on my blog yesterday. *hug*

Vic said...

Sometimes the little things have the most beauty and wonder.

You're lucky, T, to have have someone to point out these moments and to share them with. I've been doing a lot of driving alone lately, and I've seen a hell of a lot of things. Sometimes I would love to just be able to point out that whirlwind, or the ripples on the water, to somebody close and revel in the moment with them.

Maria said...

Hold on with both hands.