Friday, March 21, 2008

Planning for the future

I just visited trying to figure out how much snow is going to accumulate before I hit the road tomorrow. There, to the right of the forecast, I spotted a link that read, Check flea activity in your area.

The more I thought about it, the more I wondered what the hell local fleas are up to these days. I clicked on the link. I couldn't help it. Turns out rising unemployment and the falling dollar have very little impact on blood-sucking insects. Think about that as you consider your retirement.


deboo said...

I'll tell that to the colony (of fleas) living right under Spot's tail.

So, they live the good life whether Spot is retired, or not. Right?

We should have it so good.

PS: You're sweet for including me on your list of links! I'll do the same once I figure out how the blog is going to look. ::sigh::

Susan said...

What the...??

dive said...

The internet is a strange and wonderful beast, T.
However did we live before instantly accessible local flea reports?

Maria said...

Well, how could I not start my day without checking on the local flea business???

And, hey...the party was merely okay, thanks for asking. Everyone was under the age of 30 except for Bing and I. We were the old grandmas. I don't much enjoy being the wise old soul. I want to be the one with the lampshade on my head, not the one squinting in my granny glasses to read how long I have to bake the rolls....