Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's time

Ohioans and Texans,
get your asses off my blog and go vote!


Susan said...

Did early voting last week...a little freaked out that it's sort of coming down to Texas and Ohio. Exciting times. :)

Maria said...

Yes, it is SO down to the wire. Did you get to see Obama or Hillary speak? I was able to see both of them in Nebraska and took Liv. I wanted her to witness history.

Mme Benaut said...

Yes M'am; except that I'm not from Iowa or Texas and I can't vote but we have press saturation about it every day and it's a fascinating race. May the best person win.

Terroni said...

No, I didn't see either of them speak. I was getting my ass kicked by a migraine when Barack was here and I was at work when Hillary came on Monday.

In fact, I've never seen a presidential candidate speak. When Kerry was campaigning, he came to town where I lived at the time on six different occasions. He held rallies down the street from my apartment. I was working 18 hour days at the time, though, and they replayed the highlights on the local news every night, so I never battled the crowds to go.

After awhile, it actually got a little annoying. The rallies were right in front of the bank I used (and the only ATM that was free with my debit card). I remember bitching, "I can't get any cash for the weekend because Kerry's at the bank again."

The democratic candidate will make many stops close by come election time, and I actually hope to have the time to go at least once this year.

That's part of living in Ohio...lots of opportunities