Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rather uneventful

I know, I's been a whole week since I posted last. I had to send my computer out for a quick repair (something I've been putting off for a quite awhile). So, Graci is donating her laptop to the blogging cause tonight. She said something like, "You need to blog! It's been a week! Your peeps will think you're dead!" (She has inherited her mother's sense of urgency about things most people fail to recognize as near-disaster.)

So, after a week, I should probably have something to say, or at least have had the time to make something up,eh? But, alas, not much happening here.

I have discovered something fabulous at Dr. Clampett's office. His nurse. When I first met Cheryl, I thought she was...uh...a little smiley. Very nice. Very welcoming. Very let me give you a little tour, kiddo. Just to be clear, I have nothing against nice, welcoming tours. I just don't usually connect with the nice, welcoming tour guides.

But, I have since realized that Cheryl was genuinely glad to meet me that day, relieved to see a little fresh blood in the joint. She wasn't faking it. She's professional and nice to the patients; but by the end of the day, she's looks like she feels--tired and a little sick of the sick. And when I first spotted that look, I shared it with her, and we became new best (doctor's office) friends.

Now, I make it a point to sneak little witty, self-deprecating comments into her ear throughout the day. Because she loves them. And because it's the only thing I really do successfully in this office.

Dr. Clampett continues to grill me on esoteric bullshit and ignores most of my treatment plans. My eval will probably be shit. Oh well. You can't win em all.


Susan said...

Could Dr. Clampett's evaluation really hold that much weight? I mean, the guy keeps beef jerky in his pocket....totally unsanitary. Do you get to evaluate these people too, like filling out the stupid questionaire after an HR course?

Mme Benaut said...

Good to know that you're alive Terroni dear. This little "peep" is very happy now. Graci was right you know; we miss you when you don't blog.

Anonymous said...

In college, I worked in the Sociology department office and one of the secretaries, who knew I was going to grad school, told me "Always be nice to the secretaries." It has served me well, and maybe the same principle holds for nurses.

dive said...

Mme's right, T: We were getting pretty lonely without those witty, self-deprecating comments.
Glad you're back.

Terroni said...

Unfortunately, Susan, his eval will be worth about 20% of my grade...far too much in this case.

I miss you too, Mme and Dive.

CW, it's definitely true of nurses. They can screw you or save you, depending on how they feel about you.

Maria said...

It is imperative that one ALWAYS treat these people well:

1) Nurses. (They will get you in when you need to get in. If they like you, if there is a cancellation, they may even CALL you.)

2) Secretaries. (I have discovered that in spite of what it looks like, the principal does not run the school, the secretary does. She knows where everything is and if you need something, go to her first.)

3) Janitors. (Bing says that I am to refer to them as "building engineers" now. But, seriously, if they like you, they can find anything for you and they let you park your car in the back next to theirs.)

4) Vets. (When your dog is throwing up at midnight, they will take your call and meet you at their office...IF they like you.)