Saturday, September 20, 2008

In...and then back out again

Wow. It's been awhile, eh? (That whole occasionally talking like a Canadian thing that started when I was in Detroit, that hasn't quite worn off yet.) You would think that I would have plenty of things to blog about, seeing as I'm doing trauma anesthesia. In New York City.

It's not that there aren't things to blog about. It's just that I've spent most of my spare time enjoying the city. My apartment is lovely. The wood floors are gorgeous but not like, I think I'm going to stay home and look at my floors gorgeous. (Not that gorgeous.) So, I've been out.

Right now, though, I'm in, waiting for my camera battery and cell phone to charge; so I've got time for a little update.

Last weekend, Graci came to visit. Last night, she said, "Hey! You should talk about how great it was to see me!" It was great to see her. Really great. When she left, I realized I've been a little lonely traveling the past few months.

I was going to write about all the fun we had, but there's really not much to say except...

We have fun together for no reason at all.
And that is why we are best friends.

Graci is at Harvard this month doing pathology. She took a bus from Boston which dropped her off in Chinatown at 10 o'clock Friday night. If you've never been to the city before, Chinatown at night is probably not the best place to start your tour. Especially if you have working nares. We didn't linger there.

Instead, we walked a few blocks to Little Italy and had a late dinner. Graci said that Little Italy looked like parts of Boston. I told her, well, we're going to hop on the subway after dinner and see if we can't find something that doesn't look like Boston.

We got on the subway. (Again, it looked a lot like Boston's.) A few stops later, we got off and walked up the steps to 41st Street and 7th Ave. As we climbed out of the subway, I said, look up. And right there, part of her brain exploded. It's a hell of a way to meet the city, emerging from underneath Times Square. If you're ever giving a tour here, this is how you should do it. Start in a neighborhood that smells, move on to a little spaghetti joint, drag your visitors underground to see if you can meet a local rat (we did, his name was Gus), and then explode their brains with the world's most expensive advertising. The Midwesterners, they love that.

On Saturday, we spent much of the morning in Central Park. We took a few pictures...

Phone's charged...I'm off. But, I'm staying in tonight, so I'll say more then.


Sara said...

Wow. I think Central Park and I just had an internet love affair.

Thanks for sharing!


graci said...

Actually...we are best friends because you are a blogging genius and I don't have a decent camera, but you can tell people whatever you'd like ;)

All joking aside though, I could not have asked for a better tour guide. There is nothing like exploring such an exciting city with your best friend because you know that the fun will never stop, even if you are indoors just staring at the gorgeous floors.

Terroni said...

the floors look even better when you're a little drunk.

Maria said...

I am just trying to get my hick mind around the fact that you could find a decent place to eat after 10 p.m.

Here on the prairie...that would be Denny's.

deboo said...

I so heart your blog. You have an eye, girl. You really do.

Your blog has been my fave to visit while I live my own desertion of words. Always funny, sometimes poignant.

All these topics bubbling around my synapses just don't quite make themselves poke out of my fingertips. But, a little inspiration... and who knows?