Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not once

No one asked me the date today. It was the first time since I started clinical work that not a single attending, while signing and dating his or her note, asked me the date.

Everyone here knew the date today.
No one talked about it.


Shan said...

Terroni you are on fire! You weren't kidding about posting once you got to New York. Keep it up! I wanna hear everything. I heart NYC myself.

There is probably a palpable feel to the air there every year at this time. I can't believe it's been so long. We were in the city two weeks before the towers came down. My boy was only three and naturally doesn't remember the 11th. We watched a special on the towers a couple of days ago and I relived some of those memories while explaining what happened.
Hope you are getting settled in your new place. :)

dive said...

I'm amazed you are the only American blogger I know who has even mentioned the subject in their posts. I expected the usual deluge but it was weirdly absent this year.

Maria said...

I didn't think about the day until I had to date the records I was analyzing. And then I had to swallow a few times. Hard.

Sara said...

You know, I tried to sit down a few times and write something about that day, but it just felt like it was too much about "me" when I wrote even though my heart kept aching for "them." You did it well. I regret that I never got to travel much before I got sick because I always wanted to see NY... I hope you enjoy your time there. I always imagine that no matter what mood you're in there is somewhere to go in the city that would fit your mood and make you feel like you belong.

Sara said...

Hey there... saw your comment on my blog and I wanted to say thank you so much. That is officially the kindest and most generous gesture, and I think the offer of a place to stay means as much as actually getting to be there.

I haven't had enough stamina to leave my house all summer, literally. I haven't even been able to have holidays with my family anymore because the 2 hour trip home is impossible, but if I am ever able to tolerate a medication that helps me improve, you may have a crazy chick from Iowa knocking on your door! :)

Seriously. You have no idea how much that kindness meant. If you ever need a place to stay in Iowa, feel free to email (! :)