Saturday, September 27, 2008

When you find yourself with a Philistine

If you're standing in front of this, and your boyfriend pulls your arm and says, "Come've been here long enough," dump him.

If you accidentally married him, file for divorce.

If, in a moment of weakness, you had a kid with the guy, sue for full custody. Explain to the judge what happened today at the Met...she'll give you the child.

And quit shopping on eharmony.


dive said...

Some times (actually most times) I am so ashamed to be male. I think I'll break out and start my own gender.

Amanda said...

hahaha... I'm laughing A) at your post and B) at dive's comment!

Terroni said...

Dive, I would have a drink with your gender.

Maria said...

The self portrait is better. Liv's pediatrician looks exactly like the guy. Weird.

MmeBenaut said...

Some say "Go" but I think it is "Goff". How do you say it?