Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday afternoon in Union Square

On Saturdays in Union Square, there is a farmer's market.

This guy, the guy with the Great Danes, is the most patient man in New York City. All these people around him are New Yorkers, not tourists. He said, this happens every time I go out. He must have been asked 100 times, you don't live in Manhattan with those dogs, do you? He does, by the way. And then, did you have to train them to be this docile? No, they've never really expressed an interest in eating humans.

Dog weights, left to right: 135 lbs, 6.3 lbs, 195 lbs. The little dog's owner asked how much his dogs weighed. He asked her the same and then scratched the little guy's chin and said, oh, you are such a big boy. The little guy believed every word of it.

This dude was selling Rick's Picks. (Although, I'm pretty sure he's not Rick.) I bought a jar of hot pickled green beans, the Mean Beans, and had them last night with an India Pale Ale. I fell asleep at 10, but woke up again after 11 with impressive heartburn. That last post, the political one, was almost titled, Brought to you by pickled green beans and beer.

Not everyone was shopping. In fact, the park was full of people just chillaxin' (that word comes to you courtesy of my younger sister) in the sun.


Amanda said...

LOVE those pictures! and I thought it was common knowledge that Great Danes are like big lazy teddy bears... guess not! AND I don't think I've ever tried pickled anything. Now maybe I should!

Sara said...

That's so fantastic! Keep the photos coming, I'm loving them... you're a very good photographer.

Also, I was laughing at the great dane photos... why is it that big dogs always seem the sweetest? I'm telling you if the small dog in that photo was MY small dog, it would have been trying to attack the larger ones.

Such napoleon complexes around here.

Hope your heartburn is gone and you're just on the beer part. :)



Amanda: how the heck did you grow up in Texas and never eat anything pickled? We pickle EVERYTHING around here. T: the pictures are amazing, tell me again what sort of camera you have?

Terroni said...

I'm with you, Susan, certainly Amanda has had SOMETHING pickled. ;)

My camera is a Canon Powershot. There is a picture of it in the "A new toy" post in December's archives. The pictures actually look like this, though, because I have iPhoto. It comes standard on Macs. I'm sure they'd look even better if I had Photoshop.

Plus, it's hard to make vegetables in the sun look bad.

dive said...

Damn, I'm hungry now, T.
Absolutely beautiful photos. Thanks for these.

Rich said...

I try to go to as many farmers markets I can during the season. Nothing beats home grown fruits and veggies.

One of the nicest Farmers markets I went to was in Madison Wisconsin a few years back - one of the best in the country so they say.

Anonymous said...

Those veggies are gorgeous.

joshua said...

I have been a busy bunny, and not very much of an online person lately, but, belatedly: welcome to the city. Mia goes to the Union Square market every week, always picking up something new. These reather spoiled days I refuse any jelly not originating in Union Square. :)

Maria said...

I am drooling over those peppers...