Saturday, September 27, 2008

The local paper's op-ed

Gail Collins wrote:

A simple trip to Mississippi turned into a saga featuring many, many rapidly changing story lines:

* Cancel the debate!

* Maybe cancel the debate!

* No debate unless Congress passes a financial rescue bill!

* No debate unless Congress has a plan to pass a financial rescue bill.

* Oh, what the heck...

One thing we now know for sure. Electing John McCain would be God’s gift to the profession of journalism. A story a minute.

Imagine what would happen if a new beetle infested the Iowa corn crop during the first year of a McCain administration. On Monday, we spray. On Tuesday, we firebomb. On Wednesday, the president marches barefoot through the prairie in a show of support for Iowa farmers. On Thursday, the White House reveals that Wiley Flum, a postal worker from Willimantic, Conn., has been named the new beetle eradication czar. McCain says that Flum had shown “the instincts of a maverick reformer” in personally buying a box of roach motels and scattering them around the post office locker room. “I can’t wait to introduce Wiley to those beetles in Iowa,” the president adds.

On Friday, McCain announces he’s canceling the weekend until Congress makes the beetles go away.

Barack Obama would just round up a whole roomful of experts and come up with a plan. Yawn.


Amanda said...

I've never seen Gail spelled that way before. I learn something new everyday


See, that's the difference between New York and Texas, here, our op ed says something like "John McCain rocks, and you're all going to hell if you don't vote republican!"

.j.william. said...

the daily show commentary was equally good:

John McCain: the only man who can impulsively overreact to something 10 days old.

Terroni said...

I saw that, jw.
I do so love that Mr. Stewart.

Terroni said...

Amanda, I'm not sure that you mean to be funny here...but that really made me laugh.

Susan, reason #762 I'm not applying to programs in Texas.