Thursday, September 11, 2008

Was looking for a subway stop when I ran into this. Completely by accident.

Fortune favors the shamefully clueless.


dive said...

Just Grand, T.

amusings_bnl said...

please tell me you went inside.
it is GORGEOUS in there.

i grew up on long island, and Grand Central was a piss-filled homeless shelter filled with crime and horror.

it isn't any more.
we were there a year ago right now and had a wonderful time in NYC.

oh -- if you get a chance, head all the way down to Stone Street in southern manhattan. it is not too far from the WTC site, and right near Trinity Church (beautiful place). There's a restaurant there called Ulysses.

You should eat there and sit out in the stone street alley and just relax.

promise me you'll do that.

don't just go to the typical NYC tourist spots and eat at chain restaurants. Promise me you'll go to Ulysses. They have great wings and guinness. whenever i'm in the city, i make pilgrimage there... bend an arm in my honor.

Rich said...


deboo said...

Fabulous colors! Wow.