Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My mother, the tour guide

"Oh, T! You know where you should go eat?"


"There's this little Mexican place on 9th."

"Okay. Where on 9th?"

"Oh...uh...well, it's sort of near..."

"Nevermind, I'll Google it. What's it called?"

"I don't remember. Oh, but...you know that alley where David Letterman throws the football?"


"You know, sometimes David Letterman goes outside during the show and throws a football."

"Um, okay."

"It's parallel to that alley. I'm not sure which direction it is from the alley, but parallel. Oh, and the place has the best margaritas."

"Let me get this straight: I'm supposed to look for a little Mexican restaurant, somewhere on 9th, parallel to an alley where I may or may not find David Letterman throwing a football."


"Speaking of margaritas, are you drinking right now?"


Amanda said...



Weirdly, I think I know where that is...

dive said...

I want one in my car!

Rich said...

I'm not drinking right now but I'll take a coffee please.

Maria said...

Jaysus Christ, T...

Just go and look. Bring a football in case Dave is out of them. Then wave when you get on TV. Shout, "I want to say a big HI to my friend, Maria!"

Like it would fucking kill you...