Thursday, May 10, 2007

Andrea moves on

Tropical storm Andrea is making her way towards the Carolinas. She left us with a very calm ocean yesterday. It almost looked like it was worn out from two days of thrashing and hurling pieces of wooden boats onto the shore. Speaking of which, when I see those pieces, I can't help but wonder how old they are. Do people really still go out on the open seas in wooden dingeys, only to have them smashed to bits in storms, or are these chunks of boats destroyed many years ago? My guess is the later of the two. Today, the beach was riddled with them.

The beach looked like a skating rink today. Huge and perfectly smooth. It was covered in waves for two days with Andrea's high tide. She left sand that looked like glass. As I kneeled down to pet a local's dog, he said, "Doesn't even look like the same beach, does it?" I agreed. It didn't.


Carrie said...

You met a dog that talks? So cool!

I miss the beach. I want to see it soon.

Anonymous said...

Aw darn, Carrie beat me too it!

I never met any talking dogs in florida.

If you get around to the inlets and stuff you might get to see some Blue Herons. I love Herons!

Sassy Sundry said...

I've thought the same thing about wooden boats. It seems strange to me.

The talking dog thing is awesome. Makes me want to go to Florida.

ryan said...

i love the time before a storm rolls in
ominous is the best word to describe it

hope you are having fun

Maria said...

I say you borrow the talking dog and go find the booby man and have the dog say everything snide you wanted to say to the guy.

I mean, he DID say he wanted to play, yes?

Terroni said...

Well, I guess that's what I get for being all loosey-goosey with my pronouns--talking dogs.

Mme Benaut said...

OMG - they named a storm after me? Sshh - it's a secret (the name, not the storm). We don't ever have storms quite like that down in our neck of the woods.
Sad that old creeps haunt the beach and try to hit on you but if you ever decide to quit medicine, you could make a living as a writer, telling stories like that one. I do love your descriptions - you make me laugh, dear girl.

CS said...

Oh, you are making me so jealous - I am counting the days until I can be at the beach.