Friday, May 4, 2007

Scrub-a-dub-dub...Terroni and Lolita in the tub

I emailed my favorite soapmaker, Melanie, a few days ago and asked her if I could write about my experience with her soap. She said, "Sure" (or something that sounded like "sure"). So, here goes...Soap ad--take 1.

Lolita and I ordered 3 bars of Just Soap from Melanie. I was a natural soaps virgin, and didn't know what to expect. Lolita had been using natural soaps for years. Her favorite soapmaker seems to have fallen into a hole in the earth, though, so she was looking for someone new. We have been using Mel's masterpiece for about a week now, and we both love it. We both had skin that was dry in some spots and oily, red, and inflamed (sexy, huh?) in others. It seems to have taken care of all of this.

Despite the rather suggestive post title, Lolita and I don't actually shower together, so I can only speak specifically about my own routine here. I use the soap everywhere. Head to toe. Including my face. I follow with some of Mel's fragrance free Hemp Avocado Olive Skin Oil on my damp skin. Again, everywhere. Including a dab on my face.

My skin has never looked better. I was a little hesitant to try the oil on my face, thinking I was going to break out, but it's been great! Lolita has had a similarly enjoyable experience with the Mel's goodies. We plan to order a whole 2 lb. loaf of Just Soap next time.

Mel has all sorts of fabulous skin care products, all of them reasonably priced. She tries all of her products on her own fickle skin, so they are great for people with allergies and sensitivities.

Before you go back to thinking about girl on girl tub scrubbing, check out her shop, Althaea, and treat yourself to some fabulous soap.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so Melanie's going to make your skin sexy with soap, and I'm going to turn you on with superfluous tamemics of the English lexicon full of prose and boisterous incantations. Magic fingers not included. Maybe you could ask Lolita.


Maria said...

Damn. I SWORE I was done spending money on anything that we didn't ABSOLUTELY need this month. And now, I just have to have some of that soap. And the olive oil.

I am a whore for natural soap. I have my checkbook out....

ryan said...

pumped for some of that soup
very pumped