Monday, December 31, 2007

Break's over

A few weeks ago at Panera, I ran into the anesthesiologist/critical care specialist with whom I rotated in the ICU back in July. I asked if maybe I could do morning rounds with him at some point during my three week break.

What was I thinking asking to work over break? I am sort of wondering that myself. But, if I remember correctly, I think that I was thinking that I really like critical care, and that in less than a year I will be expected to decide what I'm going to do for residency, and that the more exposure I have to what I think I may want to do, the more likely I am to make a career choice I can happily live with. I think that is what I was thinking.

And, I really do like critical care. I like that the critical care team looks at the whole picture of the very sick patient. They are sort of like consultants in a huge Jenga game, telling others, You can move this and change that, but if you touch that one...this is all going to fall apart. (It's sort of interesting that I like critical care because I don't particularly enjoy Jenga. Huh.)

While I like critical care, what I meant when I said do morning rounds with you was spend the morning rounding with you. What he meant when he said sure was sure you can spend all day, every day with me. And, because I like you, tomorrow, you can follow the traumatic brain injury dude, the codes for no good reason man, and the I just had open heart surgery fella. Apparently, he and I had a bit of a miscommunication. Opps.

So, right now, part of me is wondering what the hell I was thinking. But, another part of me is thinking I'm going to learn a hell of a lot this week. And, all those procedures they let willing, attentive medical students do? Well, those will be coming to me...because I'm the only one around.


dive said...

Sounds like an interesting start to 2008, T.
Happy New year!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like this week will be a big investment in your future. Best of luck, Terroni. You'll be working your butt off.

Mme Benaut said...

Good for you Terroni; I'm much happier about you being in critical care than in Darfur during break - it also sounds fascinating - and since you are a total picture kind of gal; it should be right up your alley. Good luck for next week and for all of 2008!

Terroni said...

That's what I was telling myself when I pulled out of my drive at 5:30 this morning...investment in my future. That and...This is my future. I should invest in coffee.

Mme Benaut said...

Hee hee T. Coffee is a good investment. Stats show that tea drinkers in Oz are making the switch.

Maria said...

Smart move. You just made at least one doctor take a second look. And doctors talk.