Saturday, April 28, 2007

Christine Daniels, Sportswriter

Old Mike, new Christine
A column from LA Times sportswriter Mike Penner who will be taking a few weeks off and coming back as LA Times sportswriter Christine Daniels. think her readers will love her as much as they loved him?

I hope so.
There aren't enough great women sportswriters.


Cheryl said...

Great article, courageous person. I'm glad you posted it.

ryan said...

thanks for this
another amazing piece
it makes me feel good that people are starting to understand

Maria said...

Wow. What a brave person. There is room for ALL of us at the table, yes?

Maria said...

Hey, terroni...if you need me to send my e-mail address, just let me know. Or my phone number. If you need it, it's yours...

I tend to be very careful with those as I had a stalker who pretty much made me realize what can happen when scary people get ahold of things like that....but, I think you check out ok...!!

Anonymous said...

Ok so your speaking Greek, I'm totally clueless and/or the previous comments are still on the thought train from the last post?

I don't know, I'm so confused.

I don't know anything about sports or sportswriting, BUT I totally agree with all other statements that jive with the fact that you are an awesome, strong, and lovely human being...even if you are speaking Greek! :>


Terroni said...

Sorry about the confusion, P! These comments are a mix of responses to this post and the previous one.

I gotta say, I laughed my fanny off at the thought of me actually speaking Greek. I can barely speak English.

Anonymous said...

Oh you know, just garble a few words together. :) -P