Monday, April 30, 2007

Pat's bush

Roommate (that's her real name, by the way) and I were dropping something off in the administrative offices the other day when we ran into our very favorite administrative assistant, Pat. We stopped to chat, and Pat said, "Hey, ya wanna see a picture of my bush?"

There must be a little teenage boy living inside me, because the first thing I thought about was not a picture of an azalea.
I said, "Uh...what?"

She said, "Well it was just so nice and sunny yesterday, and my bush looks so good in the sun, I thought I'd take a picture." By this point, I'd figured out what kind of landscaping she was referring to, but it still struck me as hilariously funny.

Roommate, apparently, wasn't in on the joke. Damn her. Usually, she can be counted on to be amused by the same things that I am, and we can share one of those "Did you just hear what I just heard?" looks. She let me down this time, though.

So, I was all alone in the world trying to think about tortured kittens to keep from laughing. And Pat just kept going on and on about her bush.

"Here it is! I took this picture from my deck. I just love to sit out there in the spring and look at my bush."

"Oh, it's purple," Roommate said.

"Of course my bush is purple. Purple's my favorite color."

"It's gorgeous," Roommate said.

"Yeah," Pat said, "I just love it. I've been showing everyone my bush."

I count myself lucky to be among the many who now can say, "Pat showed me her bush, and it's lovely!"


Anonymous said...

Your bush might look good in the sun if your a blonde or a red head.

I know those moments. The inability to laugh outright makes my eyes tear up.


dive said...

I remember her … Shoot, that was a baaad night …

amusings_bnl said...

heh. i think we all have an inner 13 year old boy who chuckles at this. and pat is hysterical to set things up that way.

hey -- it is 7:45 am EST. my mojo sending to you begins now.

mojo.... mojo.... mojo.
can you feel it?
can i get an amen?! can ah git a witniss!!!???

Sassy Sundry said...

Oh my. Now that would cause a manic panic.

Terroni said...

You must be the one she talks about when she says, "The moment I saw those perfectly pressed boxers, I knew it was going to be a wild ride."

deb said...

Oh, that is precious!

Terroni said...

Amen, baby!

As you may have seen in the update, the mojo didn't end up being used in court. It is giving me a pretty great day, though.

Plus, now I have time to buy the Jim's Big Ego CD! I've heard you often have to wait around forever at the courthouse. Prince Charming will be playing on my ipod when that day finally gets here. I'll be the freak singing to herself in divorce court.


Rich said...

wanna see my shrubs?

Maria said...

Oh, c' should have just went on and on about how you think her bush needs a clipping. Or how her bush needs a big gulp of some water.

And...hey..glad today was okay.