Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I almost forgot...

My roommate and I shared the best lunch today. A local Lebanese place offers a lunch special--4 sides for $5.99. We shared grape leaves, fatoosh, lentil salad, and some yummy chicken stuff (whose name I have forgotten).

We ate out of a styrofoam container on our way to the library. I almost killed us several times as I tried to eat while driving in the rain in a car that really needs a brake job. But barring the near death experiences, it was lovely. The food was good, and my friend's company was delightful.

I'm writing about it because, sometimes, the great little moments are the ones that I seem to forget.


ryan said...

yum yum!
that just made me want food

the women was about 6'5"

swear to god
evil has taken a new form

Bones said...

lebanese food is one of the things that makes be think there is a god and that god wants us to enjoy ourselves.

the local lebanese joint has a backgammon board built into the table. Braised lamb shank and backgammon. mmmmmmm.

Maria said...

Ah. Grape leaves. Yum. And you know, you are exactly right. It's those small moments that stack on top of each other and make us close.

I like ethiopian food best. We go to this tiny cafe and the owner just feeds us whatever he has made special that night. I've never been disappointed.

Proxima said...

Your so right. I love the little moments that some people seem so quick to forget.

It sounds yummy indeed!


Susanlee said...

Oh my god that sounds amazing. We don't have any ethnic foods around here, except for one really amazing Indian restaurant and a thousand "Chinese" buffets....*sigh* I also don't have any friends to go eat with, except Justin, who is partial to buffets.

amusings_bnl said...

i love lebanese food. and yes -- blog the tiny wonderful moments. cherish them like gold. gold you can share with the rest of us.

Cheryl said...

I've never had Lebanese food, but I do love to eat.

It's the good mundane things that life are made of. Like a meal with a friend.

emmapeelDallas said...

Yum! And you're right, those little moments are some of the best!