Sunday, April 1, 2007


Earlier...we saw The Queen. Helen Mirren was phenomenal, and the movie was excellent. The British people's relationship with their monarchy is extremely fascinating.

While we were out... it looks as though someone tried to break in. The screen of the kitchen window was knocked in and bent a bit. The roommate's wife is very handy and was kind enough to fix it. Clearly, we need to be much more careful about making sure this window is closed before we leave the house. Lesson learned.

Right now... I'm listening to Todd Snider sing me Anywhere.

Hey baby
I'm not afraid to be your man
I don't need a destination
I'm not waiting to hear the plan

Let's get out of here
I'll go anywhere... with you

Ahh, and on that note... I'm headed to bed.


dive said...

Helen Mirren is cool but rather a lot of us over here in Britland would dearly love to see the back of the monarchy.
A series of reality TV style votes with each member being executed in an amusing manner would be my choice.

Cheryl said...

I do want to see The Queen. One of many on my list. I need to find the time to do all the stuff I want. I wind up wasting too much of it. Like yesterday, I probably spent 3 hours trying to get my downloaded book to play on my mp3 player. Didn't work. Could have seen a movie.

Be careful. Glad nothing bad happened.

Anonymous said...

From your last post you mentioned the "Velveteen Rabbit", I love that book and "Watership down".

There were too many things in the movie theater and we missed "The Queen", but I look forward to renting it, although right now I'm feeling like Kung Fu.


ryan said...

im so glad that you like mika!
so so so fun!!

Maria said...

I loved The Queen too. I mean, Helen Mirren. She just never makes a bad move. Or a bad movie.

And good careful. Keep safe. There is nothing scarier than feeling like someone tried to break in your house.

But, frankly, if they come into my house, they'd be tripping over our pitiful attempts at remodeling our bathroom and probably leave in disgust.

Terroni said...

Cheryl and Maria- I will be careful. I was on high alert this summer. After I left the prince-not-so-charming he became prince-not-so-stable, so I had to watch every move I made. There were police calls, an emergency overnight bag in the trunk, a restraining order, the whole bit. I couldn't believe it when I got home and saw that screen--couldn't believe how much I'd let my guard down.

Dive- Did you see Proxima's comment--Kung Fu. Sounds like an amusing way to de-thrown someone to me.

Ryan- I think I'm going to have to buy that CD, and then dance to it when my roommate's not around! My dancing is too bad to actually subject anyone I love to. (Picture someone shaking a cat. I'd be the cat.)

ryan said...

i heart william sledd so much
he kills me!

he is so hawt

i heard a rumor he might be coming onto the view