Sunday, March 18, 2007

Misery loves retching company

From my physiology book:
In retching, the upper esophageal sphincter remains closed, and because the lower esophageal sphincter is open, the gastric contents return to the stomach when the retch is over.

Bile is ejected in pulsatile "spurts," not in a steady stream.

A final mass movement propels the fecal contents into the rectum, where they are stored until defecation occurs.

Studying the GI tract makes me never want to put anything in it again. And, yes, I do realize that posts like this do little to increase my blog readership. I can't help it, though. Misery loves company.


Anonymous said...

In a syllable: Eew! :>


amusings_bnl said...

my husband is a speech therapist, and specifically a swallowing specialist working in a nursing home with elderly patients who cannot swallow, or, cannot keep stuff down.

so yeah, he has had a lot of the I'm Never Eating Again moments.

so i had to laugh with this entry.