Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I know this much is true

If you're wearing a t-shirt that says I'm with the band,
we can all be sure of one thing--you are not with the band.

And you're not gonna be. Not as long as you're wearing that shirt.


ryan said...



amusings_bnl said...

"life is good" (check them out at lifeisgood.com) makes a cute t-shirt with their dog character (rocket dog) holding drumsticks between his teeth and it says "I'm with the band." underneath.

I bought my friend Sarah that shirt and when she comes out here to boston in april to see Guster, she's bringing it and getting them all to autograph it around the dog. And then she'll never WEAR it again but worship it in shrine form.

I normally agree with you no one other than the band is with the band. But us gusterrhoids are "with" them in spirit more oft than not.

it's one of those double meaning thingies.

oh -- and honey. your hair will grow back. been there, done that about 10 million times and freaked out... but it grew back.

and there's nothing wrong with barrettes. i'm wearing them now too.

Teronni said...

I stand corrected. If you send me a picture of Sarah's signed shirt, I'll post it and tell the whole world, "I was wrong!"

amusings_bnl said...

well... hopefully we get'r done, and get the shirt signed. the guys are always hanging around after the show to be friendly, which is nice, but 10,000 fans also (especially in the freakin' boston area where they are HUGELY popular) also hang around.

If they sign it, i'll snap it. and i'm trying to get Lifeisgood.com to make T-shirts with bongos instead of drumsticks for the dog... because guster's drummer is a bongo player more often than not.


(by the way, you are my new favorite blog EVAH!)