Sunday, March 25, 2007

When you combine your own intuition with a sensitivity to other people's feelings and moods, you may be close to the origins of valuable human attributes such as generosity, altruism, sympathy, and empathy.
~Fred Rogers

Dear Mr. Rogers,
Thank you for the encouragement.
I'm trying.


ryan said...

it's hard
so many feelings
all at once


i feel them daily
must stay strong
let the longing end

good days and bad days
more good
but sometimes
way to much bad

Proxima said...

It also least to depression and insanity. You can't do for others what they aren't willing to do for themselves. My eternal rule of thumb is knowing where you end and they begin.

Teronni said...

Thanks, P. That's probably really great advice for me. I will try to keep that rule on my thumb, too.

Melanie said...

wow. with that kind of benchmark, you're going to be an awesome doctor.