Friday, March 16, 2007

Wine and cheese

Eating cheese
Eating cheese
I've been eating sharp white cheddar cheese

And now we know why I'm not a songwriter. Cuz that's just lame.
I'm soliciting advice for wine and cheese pairings. I prefer not to spend more than $8 for a bottle of wine (and not to eat cheese from a can).

Any suggestions?


Susanlee said...

We like Reunite Lambrusco. It's like 4-7 bucks a bottle and kind of bubbly. Good with everything, and it's got a fairly low alcohol content (8%) so you can drink more of it before you fall off the sofa. Plus it's actually imported so you can pretend that it's way more expensive than it is if you're serving it to guests. hehehe.

Proxima said...

If you like sharp white cheddar then I would recommend "2-yr Aged Gouda" It is the best! (not stinky or nasty looking don't worry) It is on the pricey side, but it's how I like to spoil myself.
It's sharp, a little sweet and definately creamy smooth. I think any red wine will do. I think Shiraz's they have a smoky, black cherry, plum, black pepper spiciness to them. I think my wine with bit.

Teronni said...

Thanks for the recommendations! My roommate and I are eating three cheeses:
1 a mild cheese from Gloucester mixed with a stronger stilton
2 Camembert
3 Dubliner, a sharp cheddar with some parmigiano reggiano flavor.

We looked for aged gouda but they were out at the small market where we were shopping.
We've paired these with a Shiraz called Fat Croc.
Susanless, we'll keep our eyes out from Reunite Lambrusco.
I hope that made sense (I'm a tiny bit drunk) :>
Thanks again for the recommendations!

Maria said...

Best wine I ever had and it is cheap as dirt: Liebfraumilch. It's a common German table wine and is soooo good. I learned this from my neighbor, Orna. She was a wine expert and a firm believer that you didn't have to make a house payment to buy a good bottle of wine.

And the best cheese in the world is simple goat cheese. I will take anyone on about that.

Melanie said...

lame? that sounds like a song we might sing in my car for, like, half an hour. of course, we also sing "dead skunk in the middle of the road" rather incessantly...