Friday, March 23, 2007

A bit of an exaggeration

I just called it "cooking," but I'm not really sure that's the technical term when part of the "recipe" reads Empty contents of seasoning packet...


Maria said...

I count it cooking if it says to mix with boiling water or if it says to pour into a bowl, add milk and enjoy.

Cooking is anything done in the kitchen.

Slapping peanut butter on a piece of bread is cooking.

I set the bar nice and low. That way, when I do cook, everyone is so pleased.

Susanlee said...

Heck, I call it cooking if I bother to empty it from the tin foil container into another one before pretending that I made it myself.

Cheryl said...

That's how I feel like all the courses of the meal are cooked in the microwave.

Anonymous said...

Nope, that's called preparing, not cooking. you can "cook" in the microwave though, since it has the ability to make a raw potato cooked (soft).

I'm all about technicalities you know. :>