Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A note

Thank you to the four wonderful women who responded to my last post. Your encouragement means so much! I am currently taking some great advice by dealing with each thing as it comes. All this dealing is keeping me very busy. I've been reading your blogs in some of my spare moments, though, and they're very refreshing. Thank you.


ryan said...

sometimes i click "next blog" and i find nothing
today i clicked next blog and

i love your blog

keep us reading!
good stuff!

Anonymous said...


Your quickly becoming one of my new favorite people, just by being who you are!

Everyone is experiencing there own "Odyssey" some of us just have more monsters and gremlins in them then others.:)

Maria said...

I keep stumbling on your comments on other's blogs and it is freaking me out, Terroni...I mean, please don't tell me that you are left handed, like sour cream and onion chips and live in jeans and a tee shirts that say things like, "Join the sarcasm club (like we care what you think?)...because then I will REALLY start spinning.

You sound so much like me before I had salt and pepper hair and was menopausal.....

Teronni said...

First of all, who doesn't love sour cream and onion chips? Seriously, I challenge you to name three. (People born without tongues don't count.)
Lately, I've also been eating lots of salt and vinegar chips. I rinse them down with Bass pale ale and then whine when I'm uncomfortably bloated. It's only a matter of time before my roommate gets sick of the whining and quits letting me eat the chips.

Teronni said...

P- The feeling is mutual! :)